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Everyone who uses WordPress learns about taglines, but they struggle to get them accurate. This guide will help you understand what is a tagline in WordPress and how you can draft it for your website or blog. 

A tagline in WordPress can help users learn about the website and its niche. It also gives an idea to the reader regarding the content that is available on your site and works as a branding element for the organization.

Lastly, a tagline is very relevant to SEO because search engines also notice it, making it necessary to use. Drafting a perfect tagline in WordPress can make a visible difference. 

If you are still wondering about a tagline in WordPress, stop wondering because this article is all you need to know about taglines in WordPress. However, if you cannot identify if a website is on WordPress, read our article on “How to tell if a website is WordPress?”

What is a Tagline in WordPress? 

A tagline in WordPress is a short description of your website, and these 8-12 word phrases give an overview of the website. The site tagline explains the ‘Why’ of a company to the visitors. Moreover, this tagline tells the users what the company’s purpose is. Some people use the same tagline as their site title for WordPress. 

A tagline in WordPress works as a key in connecting the company with its audience. This description builds up the curiosity in the readers to find out more which results in them clicking on the website link.

How do you add a tagline in WordPress?

You can find a tagline in two different places in WordPress. To write or edit the tagline, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings and then click on General


  • Click on Appearance, then Customize, and go to the Site identity panel.  

Are you thinking about what is a tagline and how it appears? So, here’s an example for a better understanding of taglines in WordPress. 


In the above figure, you can see an example of a tagline of a famous company. This tagline summarizes the overall company, and after reading this, a reader would want to know more. It is how companies make an impact on the readers.

It is a formal tagline because the company’s style is formal and professional.  You can search for many other examples online, which will give you an idea of how the company transmits its message to visitors. 

How do I set up my Tagline on WordPress?

You must’ve gotten a clear idea about what a tagline is and where it is placed. Now, you need to understand how you can show your tagline on WordPress. You need to follow the steps to make your tagline visible to your audience. 

How do I change my website tagline?

WordPress comes with a default tagline for every account. You need to change it and find a relevant one to replace it. It is recommended to change it as soon as you install WordPress, but if you haven’t, you click on Appearance > Customize and then select Site identity. 

In this section, you will have to write a short sentence that describes your company in the best way.  Aligning the tagline with your site title can benefit the company by being picked up by search engines and giving a clearer idea about the website. 

You can update this tagline whenever you want and replace it with a better and more interactive one. You can do it once your company starts to thrive in the right direction. 

Check your theme settings.

You need to check your theme’s settings in WordPress because the theme can influence the way the tagline is changed.WHAT IS A TAGLINE IN WORDPRESS image

You can find out more about the theme’s settings by going through the documentation of the theme you are using.  For this, you can check the Appearance setting under the Customize section. 

What is a Tagline for a Blog?

A tagline for a blog is right under the name blog name or title. They are one of the first few things that capture the reader’s attention. An excellent and well-drafted tagline will help the readers immediately understand the contents and purpose of the blog. These are some of the reasons it is essential to write a good WordPress tagline for a blog. 

  • You will directly communicate to your readers what is a niche
  • The blog’s style and branding ideology is highlighted through taglines
  • Search engines can pick up your blog with solid keywords easily. 


Let’s move and focus on some of the creative ideas that you can utilize to help write good blog taglines in WordPress.

  • The first thing you need to do is keep it short and straightforward.
  • It is something that has been highlighted again and again.
  • The next thing you can do is write your vision and mission statement in the tagline because a tagline reinforces trust and loyalty with your readers.

Moreover, you can use creative metaphors in your taglines to make them catchy. Using innovative and foreign words can make it sound very appealing to your customers. It will make the tagline stand out and look unique, which should be your aim.

How to Write a Good WordPress Tagline?

WordPress taglines are all about grabbing the attention of the users. It would be best to be as concise as possible because Google results are only 5-60 characters long. Let’s look at some steps to follow before writing a good WordPress tagline. 

Add strong keywords

We all know that search engine bots and algorithms keep a strict eye on keywords. As mentioned earlier, the tagline you use is essential for SEO purposes.  

To get recognition from search engine algorithms, you need to use proper and strong keywords in the taglines. A tagline in WordPress can help you hire your ranking status on search engines. 

Always remember to do some keyword research before drafting a tagline. Once you have your keyword research, you can use the relevant ones in your taglines. 

Stimulate the user’s interest 

No matter how professional your content is and how attractive the website’s design looks, you need to convince the user to click on your website for more information. A tagline is like the first impression the company needs to make on the visitor.  It would be best if you drafted the tagline in a way that stirs the interest of the user. 

There are a few steps that you can follow to convince the user to click on your website. The steps include 

  • Avoid  repeating keywords in the tagline a lot of times
  • Maintain the proper length of the tagline  
  • Reflect your brand in the tagline
  • Be unique  

Consider a suitable style

Your style needs to reflect your professionalism and the tagline is the first thing that will highlight that. The style needs to be selected according to the niche of the company. The style should be inviting formally to encourage more people to visit your website. But there is no strict rule, and if your website is casual and friendly, your tagline needs to have the same tone. 

WordPress tagline is the first tool that is used to target the audience. So, draft your tagline according to the tone and style of your website and users. 

Integrate your tagline with branding 

Ensure that all the content on your website is integrated with your branding. You need to optimize your WordPress tagline and other content elements together. When you are working on drafting a slogan or a title, you need to have a clear idea about your branding. 

It defines what you want to transmit to your target audience. Ensure that your tagline and all your content on the website are integrated with your branding.  


A tagline in WordPres is a concise description of your brand which tell everything in one line to your audience. You need to consider that people spend less than a minute on search results, and you have only this timeframe to convince them to visit your website through your tagline.

If you cannot grab their attention, that customer is gone forever. Apply the tips and techniques mentioned in this article to help you draft the best tagline for your WordPress website.

However, we have also written on more WordPress-related topics. If you are looking for articles regarding how to manually place Adsense ads in WordPress or easy fixes to the most common WordPress issues, we have covered them. If you liked reading this article, you can leave a comment below and tell us what you liked the most.

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