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Regular Expression Tester

Regex is a useful string of characters that defines a search pattern. In the security world, regular
When developing an application or any other software, the security of the finalized product is one of
Sometimes the development teams employ unconventional practices to fix bugs or add new features without realizing the
Data security implies keeping digital information safe from corruption, damage, and malicious parties. Data security procedures, tools,
Error handling is the process of identifying errors and taking proper actions to ensure that any error
Static Code Analysis, also called Static Application Security Testing (SAST) or source code analysis, is a white
Code analysis is the testing of source code for the purpose of finding errors and vulnerabilities before
Data Flow Analysis (DFA) is a type of static analysis. It is a global optimization technique that
The very first stage of the compiler design process is lexical analysis. The changed source code that
A control-flow graph represents blocks’ computation or flow control during program and application execution. Developed by France

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