PS4 Flickering Screen: Here’s How To Fix It?

PS4 flickering screen

PS4 flickering screen is an issue that could occur in your device when you try to use it, as we know that PS5 has changed the gaming horizon due to its advanced features and innovative display. Still, many people could not switch to new gaming consoles for many reasons. 

The older version (PS4) has many problems, from overheating to bugs that need to be fixed. These issues can cause irritating problems for the users that lead to a poor gaming experience. Therefore, it is necessary to look into this matter. 

The article provides informative details on the flickering screen issue in the PlayStation 4. It also discusses the possible solutions for the problem. So, read the article carefully to understand the reasons behind the PS4 flickering screen issue. 

Why does my PlayStation 4 Keep Flickering?

Why does my PlayStation 4 Keep Flickering?

PS4 has proved a successful version of the gaming console since its arrival on the market. Due to price competitiveness and quality gaming services, PlayStation 4 has enjoyed much popularity in the gaming market. Many people love to use it to enjoy some quality time by playing different types of games.

PlayStation 4 can flicker the screen due to changes in the settings. Most of the time, when we connect the PS4 with the TV, we do not care for settings that should be applicable and feasible according to the display. 

In such a situation, issues like screen flickering and signal loss may be annoying when you are trying to play your favorite games. 

If you do not identify the hidden issues behind your PS4 flickering screen, it may continue and cause a disturbance. Many possible factors could play their role in raising this problem. The first factor may be related to a resolution setting problem as if it is not compatible with the TV’s display, and it will continue causing inconvenience. 

In the same way, damaged HDMI cables and incorrect HMDI mode may cause a problem for your PlayStation 4. Therefore, it is essential to analyze the problem’s root cause before finding a relevant and proper solution. 

What causes the PS4 flickering screen?

What causes the PS4 flickering screen?  

PS4 screen flicker in-game is a very annoying experience for any person. The only thing you need to understand is the origin and type of the problem. The following types of issues will lead to screen flickering:

Damaged HDMI Cable

The first reason that could lead to a PS4 flickering screen is the damaged HDMI cable of the PlayStation 4. If the HDMI cable that connects PS4 to your PC or TV is damaged, it can negatively impact the screen display, leading to distortion. 

The faulty cable causes a serious problem while connecting the two devices and may result in a screen loss or flicker on and off.

Output Setting

The second reason could be the wrong output setting. There is an option called “Deep Color Output” on the PS4; if enabled, you can also face interference on your display.

Incorrect HDMI Mode

It could become the third reason for the interruption in the PS4 display. It is vital to correctly adopt a mode of HDMI port that should correlate with your TV and the PlayStation 4 settings. If your TV has a 4K display, but your PS4 doesn’t support the image quality, you may face a flickering screen problem.

It would help if you had a high-resolution display mode to connect the two devices. You can also switch to low-quality mode if you don’t have a 4K TV. Always act wisely and check the HDMI port to adjust the screen display and avoid inconvenience. 

HDCP Error generates the PS4 flickering screen

It is another aspect that could hinder you from playing your games conveniently. HDCP is known as “High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection.” It is an important setting that provides protected digital games and shows for your PlayStation 4. 

HDCP is a default setting on the gaming console. If this setting is turned off or an error occurs, it can also lead to a flickering screen problem.  

How do I fix my PS4 flickering screen? 

How do I fix my PS4 flickering screen? 

Now that we developed an understanding of the crucial factors that cause PS4’s screen turning on and off. Let’s discuss the possible solutions for each of the issues. 

If the problem occurs due to resolution, you can change the setting on your console. You can change the high resolution to low resolution setting on your TV if it is unable to comply with the console picture quality setting. For this fixation, you can follow these four steps:

  • Open “Setting” on the console
  • Click on the “Sound and Screen” option
  • Choose the “Video Output Setting” option
  • Finally, choose “Resolution.”

In this way, you can prevent your console from producing hurdles in the proper display. Now take a look at other possible solutions that could arise for different reasons.

Replace HDMI Cable

The only way to remove this error is to replace the damaged HDMI cable with a new one. It will ensure a complete connection between the TV and the console so that no issue can arise again. 

Change Output Setting

For this issue, you need to disable the “Deep Color Output” setting that prevents your PS4 from giving a better display without blinking. The following steps will help you disable the output setting:

  • Select the “Setting” on your console
  • Choose the “Sound and Screen” option
  • Select the “Video Output Setting”
  • Then select the “Deep Color Output” option and turn it off.

Update HDMI Mode to fix the PS4 flickering screen

For the PS4, you need to select mode 1.0, where the HDMI should connect to give you a clear screen and display. But if you have PS4 Pro, your HDMI cable must be set at 2.0. 

Review HDCP Setting

Finally, the incorrect HDCP setting is the last possible factor that led to the flickering screen issue. You should reset your console or disable the setting to make the error disappear. 


PS4 is the best gaming console ever made in the gaming industry. Despite many features, this console also faces several issues in which the PS4 flickering screen problem is of utmost importance.

Multiple reasons could pave the way for PS4’s screen to turn on and off. You need to identify those problems and follow the steps mentioned in the article to resolve the issue permanently.

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