How to Publish a WordPress Site?

How to Publish a WordPress Site?

The internet is a vast and ever-growing environment. As of August 2021, there are over 1.88 billion websites online and the number is ever-increasing. Seems like quite a jump from 30 years ago when the first website was made in August 1991. This multitude of websites needs something of a powerhouse to keep it going. … Read more

How to Delete Categories in WordPress

Categories in WordPress

Do you want to appear distinct and stunning from other websites? For this purpose, you need to categorize your posts or delete the category for an outstanding appearance. Of course, we know how to delete categories in WordPress or add, edit them, but we want you to understand how this tool is beneficial for content … Read more

The Editor Encounters an Unexpected Error – Fixed!

The Editor Encounters an Unexpected Error - Fixed!

Don’t panic if you face the “Editor encounters an unexpected error” message or white screen. Someone has plausibly met the same error before, and it can easily be fixed. Well, we have easy and quick solutions that you can follow to get rid of this problem.  “The Editor Encounters an Unexpected Error” this problem causes … Read more

Changing Footer Credits & Footer Text – Divi Extra Theme

If you’re searching for a fast and easy solution to the common problem of changing the footer credits at the bottom of your Extra or Divi website, this tutorial will tell you exactly how you can accomplish your task painlessly. Most people do not like to see the stock text “Designed by Elegant Themes | … Read more

Divi Extra Theme – How to set the background color of the Footer Widgets Area?


If you’re using the Extra Theme and don’t know how to set the background color of the Footer Widgets Area? Don’t worry, there is an easy way you can change the footer color widgets area. We’ll show you how to do it.  The Divi Theme Builder is a solution in this modern and ever-evolving era. … Read more

Divi Extra Theme – How To Change The Category Accent Color?

Are you confused about changing the category accent color in the Divi Extra theme? You don’t have to panic at all because we have covered it for you. This article will make it as easy for you to understand and learn how to change the category accent color.  Do you know there are a lot … Read more

How to Install WordPress on your Computer Using WAMP

Are you planning to install WordPress on your Windows computer locally? Using WordPress on your computer can help you explore the diverse features of this platform. If you are trying to figure how to install WordPress on your computer using WAMP then this guide will help you with this.  WordPress can be tricky but it … Read more

How to install WordPress – A Complete Guide (2021)


Are you excited to install WordPress and start experimenting with it? Are you still trying to figure how to install WordPress? If you are that excited then we should not waste any more time and get on it.   WordPress is famous for its efficiency of installation. WordPress has 34 percent of its presence on the … Read more

How to Manually Place Adsense Ads in WordPress

Google adsense dashboard wp firsthand

Adsense is the world’s most popular ad network and if you are using it, you might have thought about how to manually place AdSense ads. Adsense is that ad network with which most publishers start their website monetization. And although many other ad networks, like AdThrive and Mediavine, exist, Adsense remains the most popular one … Read more