How to Fix Hulu Error Code P-EDU125

Hulu Error Code P-EDU125

You can stream as many movies and series as you want when Hulu is running accurately. However, When it stops operating, you will get several error messages, which might be frustrating. People have recently reported the error code P-EDU125 on Hulu while live streaming, video, and movie.

An error code can be crucial because it makes determining the appropriate problem easier. Playback failure is a common issue that many people encounter. All devices experience playback failure, like smart TVs, Xbox, PlayStation, or any other devices.  

Hulu users experience many errors but, the Hulu Error Code P-EDU 125 is usual. If you don’t know how to resolve it, it might be much frustrating. In this article, you will be Learn how to fix Hulu error code P-EDU125. But first, we will discuss that are the causes of getting this error. So let’s start!

What Does Hulu Error Code P-125 mean?

What Does Hulu Error Code P-125 mean?

Many people gave many reasons, but the error P-EDU125 issue is associated with Apple products. However, if you own an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, you will come across it. This code indicates that there is a problem with your subscription. 

Many people have this problem after moving to a new or updating the existing plan to different. It could also happen if your billing information is wrong. Fortunately, you can fix the problem with several techniques that are listed below. 

Fixing Hulu Error Code P-EDU125

Fixing Hulu Error Code P-EDU125

Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services, with a large user base. However, when a Hulu user tries to play Hulu content but receives an error code P-EDU125 instead. It is because Hulu fails to authenticate a user’s subscription, this error appears. So we define some solutions that will be helpful and resolve the issues. 

Update Payment Information

Updating the Payment Information might resolve this error, and follow these easy steps to upgrade billing information:

  • First, go to, navigate to the login page and enter your authentication credentials. 
  • Once you’re signed in, navigate the top of the page and hover over your Account Name. 
  • Click on Account
  • Navigate to the Subscription section found on the right-hand side of your screen and Click on Update Payment Information.
  • Choose your preferred payment mode (Debit Card, Credit Card, or PayPal)
  • Now you can enter new billing information and click on Submit


Switch your billing information 

If you get the p-edu125 issue on your iPhone, switch your billing plan from iTunes to Hulu. Follow the procedure to get started:

  • First, open iTunes and log in to your apple account using your user name and password.
  • After login, navigate to View My Account and select Manage Payments under Payment Information.

Make all of the changes necessary to transition from third-party billing. After you’ve finished editing, click Done to save your changes.

Cancel Subscription and Subscribe Again

hulu plans

Cancel Subscription 

If the problem occurs close to the end of your billing cycle, cancel it and then subscribe again. Follow the steps outlined below to fix the Hulu error code P-EDU125.

  • Visit and sign in to your account using your user name and password.
  • Navigate to your Account page 
  • Under Your Account, select Cancel it and follow the on-screen instructions that lead to cancelation.

Hulu will send you a verification once you’ve completed it. You will be able to access content until the end of the billing cycle if you have a few days left. However, the service will not credit you henceforth.

Subscribe Again to fix Hulu Error Code P-EDU125

If you successfully cancel the subscription, then you have to subscribe again through the steps below.

  • First, visit and click on Start Your Free Trial for thirty days and enjoy the free service.
  • Choose a plan from the provided list, whichever you prefer.
  • Now, fill in a valid email address, password, and personal details.
  • Choose your preferred payment option and Fill in your Billing Details.
  • Finally, click on Submit.

You will need to check in to a supported device and customize your account after you submit it. While this method may seem time-exhausting, but it is one of the most useful for fixing error P-EDU125.

How do I fix Hulu not working? 

How do I fix Hulu not working? 

So you’ve engrossed in a thrilling Hulu new series or your favorite reruns, and everything suddenly crashes right as you’re about to get to the best part. It has occurred to the best of us as Hulu users at one point or another, and it’s one of the most annoying things that can happen when you’re watching a TV or movie. 

So different errors have their related solutions, such as buffering error, poor video quality, video stalling, connection failures, playback failure, and many more. However, we are fixing these kinds of errors related to Hulu or other streaming servicer providers. Furthermore, save over the website as a bookmark or subscribe to Us to get rid of these kinds of errors.


Check if your billing information is up to date if you can’t watch Hulu due to error code P-EDU125. Switching your billing information from a third party to Hulu is also a smart option.

Another option is to cancel and re-subscribe to your current subscription. If all else fails, contact the Hulu support team for more assistance.


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