How Long Do GPUs Last? Everything You Need To Know

how long gpus last

GPU is considered the heart of your computer’s brain, CPU. GPUs are essential components of Gaming computers. Gamers care for their GPU more than the CPU. GPUs can be easily damaged, so you should be careful while handling a GPU to keep it functioning for more extended periods. Are you also curious about how long graphics cards last? Here is your comprehensive answer to how long do GPUs last.  

As the name suggests, Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is responsible for rendering graphics on a PC screen. GPUs come as built-in CPU chips, or you can opt for separate GPUs installed on graphics cards. The GPUs on individual cards contain exclusive memory, while built-in GPUs share the CPU’s memory. GPUs are not only essential for rendering 2D data and 3D animations, but they also employ smooth decoding, zooming, and panning of screens.   

The better the condition of your GPU is, the better the resolution and swifter motion will be. Having a damaged or poor-quality GPU is never a pleasant experience, especially for gamers. Additionally, the costs of such gadgets are rising every single day. Both reasons are enough to question how long do GPUs last or how long do graphics cards last? Here is your answer.

How Long Do GPUs Last?

How Long Do GPUs Last?


A common question that many users ask that how long do GPUs last? Or how long do graphics cards last? However, there are no correct answers to such questions. Nevertheless, they can stay applicable for many years without dying, probably five to seven years. This period can be extended up to a decade or even longer.

So if you carefully handle your GPU, clean its fan regularly and ventilate it correctly, they can last more than a decade or even longer. Besides being an electronic device, the chances of sudden failure of GPUs without any apparent reason are also equal. 

Can A GPU Last Ten Years?

Can A GPU Last Ten Years?

Every electronic device has the drawback that it has no expiry date. Sometimes, GPUs can last for years, and at other times, they can die within days without any apparent reason. The same is the case with graphics cards. Like any other electronic device, they can also be damaged without warning. They can sometimes last up to ten years, and sometimes they can die within a few days after purchase.

In general, if you take adequate care of your GPU, it can last up to ten years and even longer. GPUs are usually manufactured in a way so that they can last for more extended periods. They can perform better with low power consumption, stay as cool as possible, and can stay fit for use for ten years or even for many years. However, there are equal chances that GPUs can fail at any time without any reason. 

How Long Can A GPU Last At 100%?

How Long Can A GPU Last At 100%?

The ability of your GPU to last for years at 100% depends upon how you take care of your GPU. As long as you clean its fan regularly and ventilate it properly, it can work perfectly fine for several years. They die faster because the fan of the GPU gets clogged by dust or debris. It causes your GPU to heat up and cause the failure of the GPU. As mentioned above, GPUs are built in a way that they can perfectly work at 100%.

How Long Do GPUs Last For Gaming?

Graphical Processing Units are devised in a way that they can last for an extended period. If handled carefully, it can last up to a decade without hitting you with any inconveniences along the way. However, it is a different situation regarding GPUs and Gaming.

Typically, graphics cards last for three to five years for gaming or more probably up to seven years. Besides, if your GPU dies before three years, this is not because of high usage. It might be possible that any other technical fault caused the failure of your GPU.

How Long Do GPUs Last For Mining?

Here is another question regarding the lifespan of GPUs: How long do GPUs last mining, or how long do GPUs last mining 24/7? 

When we talk about mining, miners use their GPUs 24/7, working perfectly for many years. They can even last for a decade or more if you employ them with adequate maintenance and cooling. Though some cryptos use intensive memory, the chip on the GPU card is hardly 100% while mining. 

Here are quick hacks that you can use to extend the lifespan of your GPU while mining 24/7;

  1. Undervolt your GPU.
  2. Apply thermal paste to your GPU at least twice a year.
  3. Besides, change the thermal pads of your GPU and regularly clean it.

In short, mining does not affect the condition of your GPU directly. However, the circumstances can be problematic. Excessive heating is the most significant cause of GPU failure. So, make sure that you use your graphics card at a lower temperature and keep your GPU at less than 100%. Adequately cooled GPUs can last longer than you expect. So, suppose you keep your GPU in a cool environment and have better airflow. In that case, they can last for several years without any difficulties. 

Do Graphics Cards Go Bad?

When talking about the wear out of Graphics Cards over time, the answer is usually NO. Usually, GPUs do not slow down over the years. But here is a twist. To keep them applicable for more extended periods, you must regularly clean and ventilate them. As long as you keep it cool, there are rare chances that your GPU dies before five years. They can even last longer.

Mostly, GPUs wear out when they are hit by excessive heat. Additionally, Graphics Cards also do not get worn out even if you keep them unused. Unless they are hit by extreme heat or voltage, Graphics Cards do not go bad over time. 

How Do I Check The Life Of My Graphics Card?

How Do I Check The Life Of My Graphics Card?

You can quickly check the life of your graphics cards to examine their performance via monitoring software. You can opt for different monitoring software that provides you with practical information about the health of your GPU. The typical examples of monitoring software are afterburner or stress-testing software. They not only tell you about the health status of your graphics card, but they also allow you to pick up on errors.

How To Make GPU Last Longer?

Here are a few guidelines that can help you to increase your GPU’s lifespan up to a considerable point;

Alter the Graphics Settings

When you use your graphics card at maximum settings, your GPU comes under pressure, which leads to a shorter life span. If you use your graphics card continuously at maximum settings, it can ultimately damage your GPU. So, if you want to extend your GPU’s lifespan, consider using it with lower graphics features and altering its settings. That does not mean that you should reduce graphics features to a point where you can’t even enjoy your gaming experience. Just lower them a bit, and you are all set to go. 

Never Overclock Your GPU

Overclocking is another mistake that many users make, and it drastically reduces your GPU’s lifespan. So, if you are doing it, you must be ready for its prospective risks. Overclocking puts your GPU under stress, leading to GPU failure. Thus, avoid overclocking your graphics card to make your GPU last longer. 

Lower Resolutions

Another cause that reduces your GPU’s lifespan is using it under high resolutions. If your GPU can handle higher resolutions, then fair enough. But it makes your GPU wear out if you are burdening your GPU beyond its capacity. So, you should avoid playing games under high resolutions. Here is another hack. You can adjust the graphics setting under lower resolutions to experience better gameplay without stressing your GPU. 

Lower Frame Rate

Most people are unaware that the frame rate of your GPU must sync with the refresh rate of your screen. So, when you play at high frame rates but the lower refresh rate of your screen, you are putting excessive stress on your GPU., which gives you zero benefits. At the same time, it reduces the life of your Graphics card. So, try to play at lower frame rates unless it is not affecting your gameplay. 

Avoid Excessive Heating

Heat is the biggest enemy of your graphics card. So make sure to keep your GPU cool at any cost. When you use graphics cards under hot temperatures, it significantly affects the health of your GPU and reduces its life span. Apart from keeping it cool, you can opt for a GPU with dual fans while purchasing one. 

Keep Your GPU Clean

When your GPU’s fan becomes clogged with dust and debris, it stops working. It becomes difficult for the fan to cool down the GPU. So your GPU becomes hit by excessive heat, leading to short life or, even worse, can be damaged permanently. Besides, keep your GPU ventilated and keep it under good airflow. It also does wonders to keep your GPU last longer. 

2D Games

Another tactic to last your GPU for a more extended period is playing 2D games. If you want to enjoy video playing and keep your GPU last for more extended periods at the same time, playing 2D games is the best solution. When you play 2D games, it does not put much pressure on your GPU and does not affect its health. So, you can enjoy your gameplay for a longer time. 


GPU is a characteristic component of gaming computers as they render screen graphics. Some GPUs come with exclusive chips to render complex images and built-in fans to keep them cool. Such features make them last for many years and sometimes up to a decade or even more. 

However, some GPUs can wear out within one or two years when used for extended periods despite such features. There could be several reasons behind this, both software and hardware. The most common reasons are overheating, poor ventilation, and build-up of dust and moisture. So, if you want to last your GPU for more extended periods, you should handle them carefully.

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