How to Fix Google Calendar Error 404?

google calendar error 404

One of the most popular features Google has launched recently is the Google Calendar, which can also be enabled or disabled. With organizational gems such as a custom birthday calendar, the Google app can retrieve birthdays from contacts and display birthday cards every year – but what happens when you get the error 404 instead?

For unknown parameters, things Google does not understand yet, Google Calendar returns “google calendar not found error 404” when importing or exporting different calendars at once. However, the error does not occur when any one individual calendar is exported.

This specific error occurs especially when third-party applications use the Google Calendar API in their app or website.

Even though Google is working to bring a permanent fix to this issue, users are still unhappy with the lag in progress.

In this article, we will be discussing the Google Calendar API and the Google Calendar error: what it means, how it occurs, and how to fix Google error 404.

Google Calendar API

Google Api background operation
Google API in action

The Google Calendar API has the ability to integrate the user’s mobile or web application with Google Calendar. 

As a result, this creates new avenues for user engagement. With the help of this API, users are able to find and view public calendar events, and with the proper authorization, users can access private calendars as well, as well as work with other calendar-related objects.

Users can also achieve deeper integration with the Google Calendar, which allows them to create, display, or sync with their own calendar’s data. 

Later on, this integration has the ability to enhance user experience in numerous ways.

Common Google Calendar API Errors

google api error
A “missing end time” error on Google Calendar API

Errors are common in Google Calendar API, therefore it is better to become knowledgeable about the different errors that a user can face before diving into the specifics of the Google Calendar 404 Error.

The API returns two levels of error information to its users:

  • HTTP error codes and messages in the header.
  • JSON object in the response body with additional details that help the user determine the method of handling the error.

Users usually face 4xx errors while using the Calendar API, some of which are mentioned below.

  • 400: Bad Request
  • 401: Invalid Credentials
  • 403: Daily Limit Exceeded
  • 403: Forbidden for non-organizer
  • 404: Not Found
  • 409: The requested identifier already exists
  • 412: Precondition Failed

 This Error is Shown to the User:

404 error screen google calender
Error while using Google Calendar

The Google Calendar 404 Error is known as the “404: Not Found”.

It is returned when the specified resource is not found during the execution of different situations, such as executing a get request, accessing the calendar, updating an event, creating an event, etc.

What is error 404 on Google means?

Error 404 on google means “Not Found” according to Google Calendar API. It is returned when a specific resource is not found. Different users get this error in different situations. 

Some get it while executing a simple get request, while others get it when accessing the calendar in general.

Some other reasons can involve the requested resource not existing on a provided ID or trying to gain unauthorized access to calendars. 

However, the 404 Google error can also happen because of a service outage or a server crash. It is pretty standard and happens from time to time.

Solutions for Google Calendar 404 not Found

Solutions for Google Calendar 404 not Found 

The best minds at Google are currently working to develop a permanent solution to the 404 error. A fix should be out anytime soon, but temporary procedures are available to use.

As with all unofficial fixes, this might not work out the way you want. Giving these a try would be a great option, still:

  • The desired Google Calendar should be public. Private calendars are more prone to return this error. While saving, make clear instructions to save the calendar as a public instead of private one.
  • Employ the use of exponential backoff, where you periodically retry a failed request repeatedly while inserting a slight delay. As an example, you might retry the request after 1 second and increase the time as a multiple of 2. This method improves bandwidth usage and, at the same time, maximizes the number of retry requests.

However, if a Google Calendar 404 error occurs while updating an event. It might be because you are missing proper XML namespace declarations on the entry. Ensure that this is correct before continuing.

What is Google Calendar 404 Error?

The Google Calendar 404 error known as 404: Not Found is the error message returned when a specified resource is not found.

A 404 error can also occur if the user has not added or has missed the proper XMLNS namespace declaration while making that particular entry.

How do I fix temporary error 404 Google?

There is a possibility that Google might return “Google Calendar temporary error 404” to the user because of the user’s slow internet.

As a general piece of advice, users should consider connecting to other networks and then retry. Deleting the browser cache and disabling any third-party extensions can aid this process.

How do I test a 404 error?

The best practice is to run a test with selected participants from your target market while keeping these tips in mind to get the best results:

  • Give your participants context before sending them to the error page.
  • Refrain from letting them know that you’re running a 404 error test.
  • Ask participants what they expect to see from the link.

How to Export a Google Calendar?

How to Export a Google Calendar?

You can export google calendars listed under My Calendar on the left side of the page. There are two options: 1) to export calendar such events from all or 2) from one Calendar. 

Note: You can’t export Google Calendar from its application. 

Export Event From All Google Calendar

  • First, visit Google Calendar, and on the top right side of the page, click on Settings.
  • Once the page loads, choose the Import & Export option from the left menu and click on the Export link. 

Export Event From One Google Calendar

  • First, visit Google Calendar, and on the top left side of the page, click on My Calendar to expand it. 
  • After that, choose a specific calendar that you want to download, click on More (three dots)> Settings and Sharing.
  • Finally, click on the Export Calendar under Google Calendar Settings.

These two varying methods explain how to download Google Calendars. As explained, follow the first method to download all events and the second to download specific events.

Keep in Mind

Sometimes, an unknown change request can cause a 404:Not Found error. So double-check that there is no change in variables or any duplications. 

Also, use the correct authorization credentials when accessing the Google Calendar API.

Save our website for other easy fixes or for more information on other errors. Mention the method you used that fixed the Google Calendar Error 404 in the comments section below.

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