Divi Extra Theme – How To Change The Category Accent Color?


Are you confused about changing the category accent color in the Divi Extra theme? You don’t have to panic at all because we have covered it for you. This article will make it as easy for you to understand and learn how to change the category accent color. 

Do you know there are a lot of ways to change the color? For example, you can modify the color through code or provided a UI interface. If you’re using the Extra theme, you can change the category color with just a few clicks.

There is this thing with WordPress that you think is that these things are very complicated. But once you have the basic help then you can figure out almost everything. If you are trying to figure out how to change the category accent color then you might be thinking about how to set the background color of the Footer Widgets Area.

However, we have drafted this guide for you to understand the entire procedure of changing the category accent color o the Divi Extra theme. Follow the steps to change the category accent color. 

Extra Theme Procedure Change The Category Accent Color

The Extra Theme contains a feature that allows you to set individual categories with a different “accent” color.  These appear in various places when posts from that category are shown.

If you want to alter the page accent color for a specific category, Go to “Posts > Categories” in your WordPress dashboard. 

Go to Post > category

Then, hover over the category you’d like to change the color for, click the “Edit” link that displays.

Edit blog post

You should see something like this on your screen:

Change the “Color” option to the category you need to highlight, then click “Update.”

Change the "Color"

If you refresh your page, your new category color should appear.

Adding custom colors for post categories 

You can utilize the color picker present when editing a category to adjust the page accent color of category posts. For example, to modify the Category Custom Accent Color, go to Posts → Categories , select a specific category from the list, and modify the Category Custom Accent Color.

That is all there is to it. The single post pages and the category archive page that relate to that category will have separate colors.

If you wish to change footer credits& footer text then check our article on Changing Footer Credits & Footer Text?

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