Divi Contact Form Not Working?

Divi Contact Form Not Working

Divi builder has many built-in features, just like any other WordPress page builder. It also includes a module that allows you to add contact forms anywhere on your site. If you’re here, you’ve probably completed developing your WordPress site or a client’s website using Divi builder, but for some reason, the Divi contact form is not working.  

You may have experienced specific issues, such as user data not being sent to your email or its dedicated place or the anchor text issue. Contact forms are essential for your business’ growth and the process of community building. As one of the primary channels through which your customers communicate with you, these are valuable functions to fine-tune. 

If your Divi contact form is not working, it’s time to get it fixed! But, before you can figure out how to solve the problem, you must first understand what’s causing it. However, it shows some annoying issues such as can’t set the slider text position, can’t able to create a Divi child theme, etc.

Why is my Divi Contact Form Not Working?

Why is Divi Contact Form not working?
PC Error Web System Database System Error Codes

Using the PHP mail () function – your web server sends emails by default, using the PHP mail() function. However, there are several limitations in .PHP, such as:

  1. The PHP mail() function is limited to sending bulk emails, and it lacks server authentication, which causes some email systems to flag it as spam. 
  2. To overcome the influx of spam, some email providers check if emails are sent from the address they claim to be from. The emails sent from WordPress are often problematic in this regard. Your emails may be automatically blocked if your email server is Gmail and your email claims to come from your site’s domain.
  3. Some hosting servers aren’t set up to effectively use the PHP mail() function, which may be the root cause of the issue. In addition, most WordPress hosting companies limit how much of this functionality can be used per account. As a result, if you use the entirety of your daily or monthly capacity, your emails simply won’t be delivered.

These are the most common reasons behind Divi’s contact form not working. The good news is that you might be able to use SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) solutions to fix these delivery issues. SMTP modifies the way emails are sent and authenticates them appropriately, ensuring that your communications are not flagged as spam by email services.

However you send your emails, we recommend using an SMTP service even if you don’t have many email problems. Now that we have a better understanding of the issue let’s fix it using the Divi Contact Form Module.

How Do I Fix Divi Contact Form Not Working

This guide will fill you in on every relevant piece of information that might help you in fixing this error. Firstly, we’ll start off with the default basic settings in order to remedy the Divi contact form that isn’t working right.

Check Divi Contact Form Settings

Although the Divi contact form module is pretty basic, there are still a few settings to look into to find out if something essential is causing the erroNavigateate to the contact form page and click on Edit With D to initiate your query.  

Edit With Divi

Once the contact page appears, click anywhere within the contact form and click on the gear icon to access the Contact Form SettingsNext, simply scroll down to the Email option on the content tab and expand it. Finally, fill in the email address to which you want your contact form notifications to be sent.

DiVI Contact Form Settings

After that, if you’ve added the Spam Protection settings, check that everything is accurate. If you did not add these settings, add them by enabling the Use a Spam Protection Service option.  Here you might be able to adjust the sensitivity or use a spam protection service like Google reCAPTCHA. Reduce the sensitivity to the absolute minimum since your Divi form isn’t functional. If this doesn’t work, we’ll need to download and install the WP Mail SMTP plugin if this doesn’t work. It will make use of a professional email service, replacing the default email sending method. So now we’ll be setting up an email delivery service that we’ll use later.

Set up the Email Delivery Service

Several options are available for email delivery services, but we’ll be using SendGrid for this tutorial. First, go to SendGrid and sign up for an account. There are both free and paid plans availablYouyou won’t need any premium features for these articles, so the free option will definitely work.

SendGrid wordpress

Next, create an account and use the web API or SMTP relay to integrate SendGrid with your server. We’ll utilize the SMTP relay approach instead of SendGrid’s supported Web API integration. 

API or SMTP relay to integrate SendGrid

You’ll need to give your API key a name and generate it, and you should be able to receive it in a matter of seconds. Once the API is generated, copy the API key. We’ll use that later.

API key name

Install and Configure the WP Mail SMTP Plugin  

How to Fix Divi Contact Form Not Working?

In WordPress, several plugins are used to send emails, but the WP Mail SMTP is the, in our opinion, the best SMTP plugin. Both a free version and a paid edition with extra features that start at 49 USD per year on the WordPress website. In addition, it connects your website to an external email service, which enhances email deliverability. Aside from that, WP Mail SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) allows you to:

  • Keep track of the emails that your WordPress site sends.
  • Keep track of who opens and clicks on your emails.
  • Save email attachments and export your logs.

To install the plugin, go to the admin dashboard area, hover over Plugins and click on Add New. Then search for the WP Mail SMTP plugin to install and activate it. After the activation, you are now ready to start the configuration. You can find the plugin settings section in your WordPress dashboard. In the Plugin Settings section, you’re From Email address ison the first thing you should play chess.

WP Mail SMTP Plugin WordPress

WordPress will use your admin email address as your From Email address by default, but you can modify it. There’s also the option to make the From Email address mandatory. In addition, it regulates all your emails so that they are sent from that address, even if third-party plugins send them. 

Then you must fill in the From Name section. Again, WP Mail SMTP will use the admin’s filled-in name by default, but you may change that as you please. You can force it to use the same name for all emails in the same manner that you moved it to use the email address. 

How to Fix Divi Contact Form Not Working?

Finally, you must select your desired Mailer from SMTP.com, Outlook, Gmail, SendGrid, Sendinblue, Pepipost, Mailgun, and Amazon SES, all famous mail services. Choose SendGrid as your server, and the customization choices will appear.

Install and Configure the WP Mail SMTP Plugin 

Once you select the mailer you want, several options will appear under the Mailer section. Now you can move on to inserting the API key that we generated earlier, and then click on Save Settings.

Api key integration

Test the Email

It’s always good to test the email functionality after setting up the email delivery provider and the SMTP plugin. For this purpose, WP Mail SMTP has a function to test your emails.

Enter an email address for the recipient and send a test email.

Test the email

A message indicating success will appear if the setup is accurately functioning.

test email divi contact form

Return to the SendGrid API page and check the Activity tab to see all your email activities. Once you click on it, you will be redirected to a new window to be able to see the actions.

SendGrid API page


Divi Contact Form Problem Resolved

After configuring the plugin and email delivery service, you’ll ensure that every email sent through your Divi contact form reaches its intended recipient. These SMTP tools will help you enhance your email delivery and resolve the problem. One of the top email delivery services is SendGrid. If you’d prefer to use anything else, we recommend Amazon SES or Google. It’s an excellent alternative for businesses and freelancers.

Bonus Tip

If you’re using an older version of Divi, the contact form module might not work. Instead, enable the option to get automatic updates to fix the problem. You’ll need to save the modifications after entering your Elegant Themes Username and API key.

older version of Divi

As a result, you’ll be able to upgrade Divi from the WordPress dashboard whenever a new version is released.

How Do You Fix the Divi Contact Form: Not Sending Email?

You may not receive the email in the inbox but check your email’s spam section. Sometimes, the Divi content may not be sent email due to several reasons, such as:

  1. Incorrect Divi configurations.
  2. If you are not using a plugin or some other source to get the emails then it might be possible that the Divi contact form does not send to all fields. For example, you may get the user’s name, and email but are unable to receive the message, contact number, and so on. For that, use the appropriate plugin for the contact form email and then set up the plugin.

You can check your settings using the aforementioned method and then configure the best plugin for your email with an easy step-by-step process.


Often, the contact form module in Divi stops operating. In most cases, this is due to an email deliverability issue. If that’s the case, you can resolve it by installing an SMTP plugin on your site. We suggest switching from PHP’s mail() function to a more reliable SMTP system.

This tutorial demonstrated how to use SendGrid and WP Mail SMTP to resolve various Divi Contact Form issues. Bookmark this site if you have any other issues like changing the Divi footer credits or other WordPress-related topics. We’ll update your knowledge with all that is current, and assist you in solving your problem in a matter of minutes.

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