Gaming is a broad niche with specialized applications that execute on different platforms such as X-box, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, etc. With the batter playing experience. It has become increasingly complex with improved visuals, full-motion video, 3-D effects, and high-fidelity stereo sound.
Moreover, the massively multiplayer universe games employ a decentralized server architecture to handle the simultaneous requests of thousands of online players.

In its most advanced form, a game interface can be considered a sort of virtual reality. Motion gaming, which response to user movements, and virtual reality headsets, which provide an immersive experience, are two recent developments.

With all these advancements, the chances of errors, bugs, failures are more and more.  So considering this, we provide guides that help the user through step-by-step procedures. We also try to provide solutions that assist the users to understand the problem. Try to eliminate all those issues they have while playing different games.

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