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static code analysis

Code Analysis Tools

When developing an application or any other software, the security of the finalized product is one of the major concerns faced by developers. Security testing offers improved risk management for the individuals or businesses that are ultimately going to use the software. Many forms of security testing solutions work to identify and remove vulnerabilities before …

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Bad coding

Bad Coding Practices

Sometimes the development teams employ unconventional practices to fix bugs or add new features without realizing the importance of design principles. This choice makes it difficult to maintain the code and creates new challenges like: Fixing one feature to break the functionality of another one. Adding new code that does not support existing or future …

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data security

What is Data Security?

Data security implies keeping digital information safe from corruption, damage, and malicious parties. Data security procedures, tools, and policies focus on enhancing data protection, privacy, and safety. A robust data security management enables digital data protection against cyberattacks while also reducing the risk of insider threats and human error, which are major causes of data …

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data flow analysis

Data Flow Analysis

Data Flow Analysis (DFA) is a type of static analysis. It is a global optimization technique that provides information about the data flow along the line of a program/code execution with the goal of evaluating analysis at each and every program point. The most important characteristic of Data Flow Analysis is its “flow sensitiveness”. Flow …

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lexical analyzer

Lexical Analysis

The very first stage of the compiler design process is lexical analysis. The changed source code that is written in the form of sentences is fed into a lexer. It transforms the input, which was originally just a string of letters, into a list of distinct tokens, including string and number constants, variable names, and …

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control flow graph

Control Flow Graph

A control-flow graph represents blocks’ computation or flow control during program and application execution. Developed by France E. Allen, a control-flow graph is primarily used in static analysis, where it is responsible for demonstrating the flow inside the program unit. The following are a few characteristics of a control-flow graph that will help you understand …

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